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Reach Chiropractic offers a drugless, non-cutting, alternative to your neck pain, back pain, and nerve problems in phoenix, arizona. Whether you have been in an auto or work-related accident or you are experiencing pain from your daily activities, we have been successfully helping folks for 50 years.  

Our knowledgeable staff provides gentle care and  a high level of  experience you can count on. Call today. Make an appointment for the proper pain treatment you deserve.                                 Time marches on, so do we.

About Us
At reach chiropractic, our owner got into this profession with a his passion for helping people. Now, with more than 50 years in business, we are still proud to offer compassionate, state of the art services, to give you the pain relief and recovery you seek.

Reach, alternative, complimentary, chiropractic.

We believe that life has the inalienable right to all that it is capable of attaining.

 Working by appointment; so Contact us for the best in chiropractic care.


 Our Patients Speak   (Original letters on file.)


Dear Dr. Reach,  It's really great not to be bothered with those horrible pounding headaches anymore.  ----T.H.

To whom it may concern: I have to admit I was skeptical of Chiropractic, but I dedcided to give it a try.  Well, I can truthfully say that was the smartest decision I could have possibly made. L.P.

Dear Dr. Reach,  ----have had surgery, rehab, drugs--- months (of nightmares) for me and my family.... Thank God! You were recommended to me.  I can move more like a woman my age should and not (live) like a 90 year old invalid.  I feel wonderful again.  Thank God for "all" the Dr. Reaches.  J.C.

Dr. Reach and Staff;  (Prior) We had chemo, medical therapy, dope... Husband, both girls and myself---considerable pain and disablily all (from) whiplash.  We wish to exress our thanks to all concerned.  My family and I feel 100% better....now, two months after the accident.  Hope this --can help someone---as it has me and my family.  Mrs. Ri and family.

To All Concerned About Their Health:  I was once a person with many problems and afflictions.  One the ladies from my Church told me about this Reach Center.  I had lost many hours of happiness and a good job (at APS) because of constant sickness.  Listed some of my problems (afflictions started over 10 years ago): migrain headaches; lack of energy; tired after a full nights sleep; (sometimes) lack of sleep; moody personality; incorrect posture; aching back; soreness and hip ache; muscle spasms; constantly having the flu or cold. (now)... Happy, 80% improvment in all these areas.  I've been to the finest specialists in the country and Reach has been the only one to give me any relief and normality.  My deepest thanks and affection to you all.  G.L.R.
Dr. Reach; ---- About 6 months ago I had a numbness in my right hand.  My PC doctor told me it was carpal tunnel.  I was given a brace. Time passed and I was told it was circulation.  Two month ago I went to you ... Guess what?
The feeling in my hand has improved.  The numbness is almost  gone.  Thank you Dr. Reach    ....AB
I love the way Dr. Reach goes about treating everyone with such personal warmth.  I am very grateful to my neighbor,
Mrs. L.S. who for a long time had been telling me to give Chiropractic a try.  I wish I had done it long ago.